Sunday, June 15, 2008

NADAC Clermont County

Milford, OH
March 22 & 23, 2008

Our first NADAC trial!

I thought I'd enter a NADAC trial so we could get a lot of runs in before the Cardigan Specialty. And they offer a lot of weave classes (which we definitely needed to practice) & fun classes (like tunnelers & anything without weaves!)

We did pretty well in most of the classes:
  • 1st place in Novice Skilled Tunnelers
  • 1st place in Novice Skilled Touch N Go
  • 2nd place in Novice Skilled Regular Round 2

I just like his face in that one!

However we failed spectacularly in anything with weave poles. I actually excused ourselves from the ring a couple times each day.

But even when we didn't qualify, they still gave us ribbons!

Our losing ribbons :(

We also bought a new video camera to film our runs! But it's high definition & so it takes forever to load to YouTube. I'm still working on it...

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