Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bedlington Terrier Club of America

Bedlington Terrier Club of America - Grove City, OH
December 8th & 9th, 2007

Novice A JWW - Saturday 12/08/07

Those stupid weave poles... Otherwise Porter did great!

(That's John & Brian's commentary during the video)

Novice A Standard - Saturday 12/08/07

Our first title!
Porter is now known as Raconteur Porteur Du Jaune NA!
I hope it doesn't go to his head. Or mine.

Who would have thought we'd ever do so well at a trial filled with Bedlington Terriers? I guess it's only Lamb Chop that Porter loves...

Novice A JWW - Sunday 12/09/07

The weave poles are like Porter's kryptonite.

Open Standard - Sunday 12/09/07

Our first try at Open. Porter did remarkably well. I went in knowing that there was no way he would make it through 12 weave poles. And what happened? He made it through 11!

You can hear his cheering section as we finish (they were all amazed too!).

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