Saturday, November 24, 2007

Greater Louisville Training Club

Greater Louisville Training Club - Corydon, IN
October 13th & 14th, 2007

Novice A JWW & Novice A Standard - Saturday 10/13/07

No videos from Saturday...
But we did get our first Novice Standard leg! I was shocked! Porter did his weaves! He didn't get through them in the JWW course, but otherwise that run was also perfect.

Novice A JWW - Sunday 10/14/07

Almost had our 2nd JWW leg. After reviewing the video again & again, Porter did knock a bar down on the second jump. He successfully completed the weave poles, but knocked his first bar... So close. Still very proud of him though!

Novice A Standard - Sunday 10/14/07

Our 2nd Novice Standard leg! I was still completely amazed he made it through the weave poles! He's my little superstar!

Porter with all the ribbons from the weekend:

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